We were so happy to collaborate recently with Cecilia Leslie. If you’re not already one of her followers on Instagram (and she has a LOT – over 21,000 at the last count!), Cecilia is an amazing woman, a busy full-time midwife, Instagram-er AND mum of 4 young children. As a mum of 4 myself, I know how hard it sometimes was when they were all little..but I wasn’t a midwife at the same time. So Cecilia, I salute you!

So I was thrilled with the review she posted about our products, reproduced here, some of her delightful photos featuring her youngest child. Renowned for her honesty, Cecilia only reviews products she really believes in, so her good review truly means a lot to a new business like ours. I knew she would be a fan of the ethical and organic nature of LittleLeaf products, but I’m touched that she also noted the efforts we’ve put into sourcing more eco-friendly packaging. And I’m really pleased that she’ll be passing on her LittleLeaf goodies to her sister when her children have outgrown them. Because that’s what LittleLeaf is all about – excellent quality products, which will last and last and so can be passed on again and again. And because LittleLeaf products are also designed to be unisex (yet still colourful!), they can be passed on all the more easily, to boys OR girls


I can only imagine how hard it must be to start up a business. The ideas, the planning, the nights spent awake, the designs , the printing, the setting up a website, the tears, the hopes.

I was delighted when Lisa from Little Leaf got in touch with me to ask if I could review some of her products. I could feel the anticipation and excitement in our collaboration.

I have to admit I always feel a little nervous when entering such collaborations, because I know how much it means to Lisa that she gets a positive review. However, I need to be truthful to myself, my beliefs and standards on anything that’s posted on my blog or instagram.

I was presented with GOTS certified products, what a perfect start! The Global Organic Textile Standard looks into the whole production chain, taking into consideration both ethical and environmental factors. Huge tick for Little Leaf !!

They are now also Soil Association certified.

I received a fitted sheet, a blanket and 2 muslins from the beautiful collection. Looking at the packaging I could tell Lisa had gone even further. The packaging they came in are very ethical -postal bag, paper tape, stickers, tissue and card are all 100 per cent recycled and recyclable!

The blanket keeps little people nice and cozy when sleeping or just used as a soft comforter.

The muslins are lush, we love the colours and feel of them.

The sheet is just a dream , the texture and softness is sooooo great, only a truly organic piece of material feels like that! It comes in a lovely bag to keep it clean and dust free

I am confident Little Leaf 🍃 will do very well for their commitment to make beautiful baby textiles while caring for people and our planet! Once we outgrow these we will passing them on to my sister who is expecting her first baby.

Thank you Little Leaf for the opportunity to collaborate with you and we wish you well for the future as we continue to enjoy your luxury products.

Thank YOU, Cecilia! You can follow Cecilia on Instagram at cecilia.leslie07.