Makeup Pads Gift Set



  • 10 large organic cotton makeup removal pads, bag and ceramic pot
  • kinder on skin and the environment
  • perfect eco gift
  • unbleached and undyed organic cotton
  • beautifully presented in a gift box
  • made in a Fair Trade solar powered factory

SA and GOTS logo applied to certified organic products


This new Makeup Pads Gift Set contains our popular 10 large reusable pads with the bag to wash them in, plus handmade ceramic pot to hold the clean pads.

We’re told again and again that our reusable pads are the best on the market. This is probably because they’re larger than most, at 10cm across, and made from the best organic cotton, unbleached and undyed. So of course, they’re much kinder on your skin, and the planet!

Handmade Ceramic Pot

I make these myself, as pottery is a passion of mine. A customer wanted something the right size which could hold the clean pads on her bathroom shelf (she stored the used ones in the mesh bag). It’s handthrown on the wheel in stoneware clay, and can be washed in the dishwasher when required.

I use recycled clay with the outside glazed in a matte white. The inside features a beautiful aquamarine glossy finish. Each pot is approximately 7cm tall and 11cm in diameter. They are all very similar, but not identical – as a handmade pot, each one is unique!

Eco Gift

The gift set comes packed in a smart box, the perfect eco present.


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