Eco Wrapping Paper


Our environmentally friendly gift wrapping paper, in our own designs, is totally recycled and recyclable too.  It’s uncoated and printed with eco inks which means that, unlike most wrapping paper, you can simply add it to your kerbside recycling bin when you’re ready to recycle it. Each sheet measures the standard 50x70cm and is folded.

Choose any number, and any combination, of sheets.  Just select your sheets from the options below, whether it’s a mixture, or all the same design, then add them to your basket

Build the bundle size that suits you.

Buy 1-4 sheets for £1.80 per sheet

Buy 5-9 sheets for £1.53 per sheet (15% discount)

Buy 10+ for £1.26 per sheet (30% discount)

  • Campervans

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • Christmas Trees

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • Rainbow

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • Stars

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • Turtles

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • Winter Forest

    £1.80 each (before discount)
  • LittleLeaves

    £1.80 each (before discount)

We've come up with our own range of quality eco wrapping paper to cover every occasion - Christmas, birthdays and everything in between. We have seven designs in total for you to choose from. You simply pick and mix the ones you like best, or stick exclusively to your favourite! Choose the bundle size that suits you. Buy 1-4 sheets for £1.80 per sheet Buy 5-9 sheets for £1.53 per sheet (15% discount) Buy 10+ for £1.26 per sheet (30% discount)

Eco Wrapping Paper

As you'd expect, all LittleLeaf wrapping paper is made from recycled paper and is fully recyclable. Unlike most wrapping paper, it's uncoated and printed with vegetable-based eco inks, so you can gift in a planet-friendly way! When the celebrations are over, you can simply add it to your household paper recycling bin. At LittleLeaf Organic, we try to carry through our ethical and environmentally friendly principles through the whole of our business. We also believe that trying to behave in a more sustainable way in our everyday lives doesn't mean you have to miss out on joy and colour. This is why we've designed our own range of fully recyclable wrapping paper to add that finishing touch to a gift, but in a sustainable way. Alternatively, you might like to join the growing trend for reusable fabric gift wrap, Furoshiki-style. Our beautiful organic cotton muslins are perfect for this purpose, and become part of the gift themselves. We have seven original prints to choose from, plus two specifically designed for Christmas, and you can find them here.


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