Organic Cotton Baby Grows

6 things we want you to know about our Baby Grows

They're softer and kinder on a baby's skin. . .

. . . because they’re made from 100% organic cotton, without harsh pesticides and chemicals, making the fibres soft and stronger

They're GOTS and Soil Association certified organic . . .

. . . so you can trust not just our organic claims, but also those on sustainability and fair working conditions

They're unisex and colourful . . .

. . . in eye-catching designs that suit both boys and girls so they can be handed on easily, and they’re unique, designed by us here in Hampshire

We've added a little extra TLC. . .

. . . like smooth, ironed-in labels behind the neck (no scratchiness!) and double thickness rib jersey cuffs at the wrist, which can be folded down to act as scratch mitts at night

Our 3 smallest sizes (up to 6 months) have foot cuffs. . .

. . . to allow for a little extra growing room in the early stages when babies grow so fast. Plus, they can be pulled down at night

They're ethically made . . .

. . . from farm through factory right up to the packaging we use, we’re all about sustainabliity and ethical production, with good working conditions and fair pay as standard

LittleLeaf Organic Cotton

Purer, Kinder, Better

Beautifully Soft

All our baby grows are made from 100% certified organic cotton – softer and kinder on your baby’s skin and totally free from chemical residues.

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Super Soft

Premium, 100% organic cotton.
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All our designs suit both girls and boys.
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Eyecatching | Colourful

Our designs are deliberately colourful and playful – unisex doesn’t have to be boring!




GOTS Certified



    LittleLeaf Organic Cotton

    Purer, Kinder, Better

    Smaller sizes have foot cuffs that can be unfolded for extra growing room or for warmth at night…
    Scratch Mitts that can be unfolded to cover finger nails at night . . .
    No-scratch neck label, printed not stitched to avoid irritating baby’s skin

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    LittleLeaf is proud to be certified by the UK Soil Association and all LittleLeaf products are produced in compliance with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).  (Licence Number DK 26554).

    Always look for the GOTS label on your organic cotton goods.