Hello! We’re very excited to launch our new-look website! What do you think? It’s all our own work and it’s been a very steep learning curve, so we really hope you like it.

One of the problems we had when we started LittleLeaf was how to showcase our beautiful organic cotton sheets and pillowcases alongside our very eye-catching babywear – the gorgeous bedding seemed to get lost and some people didn’t even know we sold it! So we hope we’ve addressed this problem with the new-look website. There’s a slider banner on the home page and lots of full-screen lovely pics of our sheets as well as our colourful baby clothes and bouncing babies (thanks so much to my niece for the loan of her very photogenic boys!). But do let us know if you think this works.

As part of our new website, I’ll be writing a blog featuring all things organic cotton – some packed with information, such as a post detailing the horrific pesticides used on conventional, non-organic cotton, and some much lighter in tone, letting you know about new designs and products we’ve got in the pipeline and upcoming fairs we’ll be attending. Please do sign up to our newsletter to receive all our news – there’ll be some fantastic offers coming too!

Organic Cotton v Conventional Cotton, the Environmental Impact

Many of us saw Stacey Dooley's recent programme Fashion's Dirty Secrets on BBC1 recently. We were very pleased to see the BBC providing prime time coverage of the horrendous environmental damage that can arise from the clothing industry and to help us all understand...

Plastic Free Packaging

  Environmentally-friendly Packaging More and more of us are starting to realise that the crazy amount of single-use plastic in packaging is unsustainable and is a real threat to our oceans and wildlife in particular. At LittleLeaf, we've always thought long and...

A Review of LittleLeaf Products, by Cecilia Leslie

We were so happy to collaborate recently with Cecilia Leslie. If you're not already one of her followers on Instagram (and she has a LOT - over 21,000 at the last count!), Cecilia is an amazing woman, a busy full-time midwife, Instagram-er AND mum of 4 young children....

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