LittleLeaf Organic

Fabric Pots

GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton, Sustainable, Eco and Ethical

Our organic fabric pots are useful in so many ways around the home, wash beautifully and can be folded flat when not in use. They’re a fantastic little sustainable, ethical and plastic-free gift.

Our organic cotton meets the highest certification

Sustainably made in a solar powered factory 

Lower CO2 emissions, no toxic chemicals and eco packaging

Made using 91% less water than conventional cotton

Ethically made with fair working conditions and pay

Eco storage pots made from certified organic cotton

These pretty fabric pots have many names: fabric buckets or tubs, pot holders, fabric storage pots, organisers, soft buckets, textile plant pots, fabric containers, fabric bins and even cache pots. But whatever you like to call them, they’re pretty useful around the home. They also make a lovely affordable eco gift. We have two sizes and four LittleLeaf prints to choose from.

Where to use them

They’re ideal for the table, to hold bread rolls, sauce bottles or condiments, for the bathroom to keep toiletries or loo rolls tidy, to organise your desk or office, or simply as a cool wastepaper basket. They’re also a lovely useful addition to the nursery or playroom, for nappies, muslins or small toys, for example. Of course they also make great stylish plant pot holders. They look wonderful holding a succulent or cactus plant and give some extra va-va-voom to any houseplant gift. They also perk up any herbs you may have bought in ordinary dull plastic pots. The list of their uses is endless!

Easy to Wash

Apart from their many uses, LittleLeaf fabric pots are really practical too. Just throw them in your regular wash and they’ll come up as good as new.

Ethical and Sustainable

As with all LittleLeaf products, our fabric pots are certified by GOTS and the Soil Association. This means you can be sure they’ve been checked through every stage as organically and ethically made to the highest standards. You can learn more about the organic, social and ethical standards that the GOTS system applies here. The Fair Trade factory where we make our pots is also solar-powered and carbon-neutral.


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LittleLeaf is proud to be certified by the UK Soil Association and all LittleLeaf products are produced in compliance with the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS).  (Licence Number DK 26554).

Always look for the GOTS label on your organic cotton goods – it’s the best certification out there.