About Us


LittleLeaf is a small, family-run business based in Hampshire. With four children of our own, we know how important it is that the fabric you’re putting next to your family’s skin – and your own – is the kindest and softest it can be. Our business is based on solid values: great products with good design, made ethically and sustainably, without doing harm to others or our planet in the process. This is why we only use GOTS-certified organic cotton. To put it simply, we’re on a mission to provide the finest quality organic cotton, fairly made and fairly priced.

The best kind of cotton

LittleLeaf is all about eco fabric. In certified organic cotton, we discovered the purest and best cotton currently available. It’s cotton as it used to be, when grandparents could hand down cotton bedlinen and baby clothes to the next generation, because it was of such good quality and lasted many decades. Conventional, non-organic cotton is not like this anymore, because the fibres have been broken down by all the pesticide and chemical treatment it undergoes.  You only have to run your hand over our bedding to know it’s really fine quality. Some customers have said they can see its quality before they’ve even felt it! Certified organic cotton is better for you, better for the workers who produce it, and better for the environment in general.

Best for Sustainability

By buying organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), you are also helping to ensure that people involved in the growing of organic cotton and the making of our clothes are treated fairly through all the stages, from fibre to finished product. Simply put, organic cotton is grown with consideration for the environment and the people who produce it. It’s the sustainable choice, being less intensively farmed so allowing food and other crops to be grown alongside it. Plus, far less water is used to grow it. On top of this, we have partnered with a wholly GOTS certified organic factory, which is solar powered and Fair Trade registered too. Read our blog to learn more about our wonderful eco partners.

Organic & Ethical

A growing number of brands say they use GOTS certified organic cotton. We’ve gone a step further and LittleLeaf itself has been GOTS and Soil Association certified since 2017, a badge our customers can trust. GOTS and Soil Association certification is the best there is – it’s the surest way to guarantee that the cotton is genuinely “organic”, since it applies the strictest rules (and regularly inspects) right through every stage of production, right back to the field where the cotton is grown. The social and welfare standards are also second to none. Always look for the GOTS symbol, which ensures all these environmental and social standards have been met.

Better By Design

Our clothes and blankets come in our very own bright, unique designs, which will hopefully put a smile on your face. Our baby and toddler designs suit both girls and boys. As parents of a son and daughters, we like the idea of baby clothes that suit both. There’s also a practical gain from choosing unisex designs for your baby clothes, as they can be passed on from brother to sister (recycling at its best!) and so will save you money in the long-term. As organic cotton has a reputation for being incredibly durable, retaining its quality wash after wash (and even getting softer the more it’s washed), it should see you through baby number one, two, three and more!

We’re on a mission to replace everything in our homes that’s made from cotton, with the best GOTS certified organic cotton (eventually!). We’re gradually expanding our range, which now includes pyjamas for all ages, towels, fabric pots, hankies and bathrobes. Our lovely loyal customers guide us as to what they’d like to see next. Style and practicality are always at the forefront of our designs, so our gorgeous PJs and robes are classically styled and beautifully finished with piping and useful pockets.

Plastic Free

We have tried to follow this ethos right through all stages of our business, and so have sourced and use 100% recycled paper packaging and stationery. Even the wrapping paper we use for gift wrapping – now in 7 original designs – is made from 100% recycled paper and is uncoated, printed using vegetable oil-based inks and is fully recyclable. Similarly, the raffia ribbon used for gift wrapping is compostable and our wonderful bedding sets are packed in a handwoven useful shoulder bag.


LittleLeaf is…

Purer…made from cotton grown without toxic chemicals

Kinder…to your skin and the people who make the clothes

Better…for you, your family and the environment



We were thrilled to win the prestigious Small Business Britain Net Hero Award in 2023, which crowned us as the UK’s most sustainable small business.


We love your feedback, so if you have an opinion about styles or prints that you’d like to share with us, or if you’d just like to get in touch, then please do drop us a line at hello@littleleaforganic.com